Full Moon Party

The Full Moon

Full moon is a lunar phase that occurs when the Moon is on the opposite side of the Earth from the Sun. More precisely, a full moon occurs when the geocentric apparent longitudes of the Sun and Moon differ by 180 degrees; the Moon is then in opposition with the Sun.[1] At this time, as seen by viewers on Earth, the hemisphere of the Moon that is facing the earth (the near side) is fully illuminated by the Sun and appears round. Only during a full moon is the opposite hemisphere of the Moon, which is not visible from Earth (the far side), completely illuminated.

As a lunar month is about 29.531 days long, the full moon falls on either the 14th or 15th of the lunar month in those calendars that start the month on the new moon.  In any event, the period between full moons can be either 29 or 30 days. - Taken from Wikipedia

In the middle ages it was a common belief that the full moon caused people to behave strangely . In fact, the word "lunacy“ meaning "insanity" comes from the Latin word for "moon." Of course that's absolute nonsense...or is it?  


Trellis Bay Fireball Full Moon Party

On the other side of the Island Trellis Bay Cyber Cafe holds its Fireball Full Moon Party on Beef Island. The event has grown into a favourite destination for family-orientated fun. The party starts around 7 pm with a delicious West Indian BBQ, followed by live fungi music, an appearance by the gravity-defying Mocko Jumbies, Fire-Juggling and lighting of artist Aragorn-Dick Reads famous fireball sculptures at 9pm. Trellis Bay is also a great overnight anchorage.